Our shop Gold Rush Atami is the very first entertainment show club in Shizuoka prefecture and gathering fabulous dancers from all over Japan.
To see what’s going on, check the gallary and performers page!

*We usually have some dancers who can speak English but sometimes none. To avoid misunderstanding or any troubles, you can choose prepayment.
*This shop is not a strip club. No hidden room nor lap dancing.
*The shop phone number is 0557-52-3333


Open hour 20:00-Last(1:30)

60 minutes: ¥3800
90 minutes: ¥4800
(¥2500 every 30 minutes for extension after above option)

All you can drink below
(Shochu whisky, soft drink)
*Shochu is a traditional Japanese distilled spirit

Beer, Whisky with soda ¥800/per drink
Drinks for girls: ¥1000 for each glass

We also have many kinds of champagne, shots and more!

Tips for dancers
To enjoy more, we made our original currency.
You can get them from 10 pieces for ¥2000, and give them for your favorite dancers!

*Consumption tax and service fee (8%) will be charged separately
*Extra 10% charge will be needed if you pay by Credit cards
(Credit cards are available for American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club international. Please contact us otherwise)

◉Entrance is prohibited for those who are under 20 years old.
◉We do not provide any alcohol to minors
◉We do refuse to enter any gang members or those who have ties to organized crime